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Light emitting diodes (LED’s) are solid state devices the size of a pen tip. When energized, they produce light in a narrow bandwidth, with the chemical composition of the LED determining the color. LED’s are the latest lighting revolution due to their efficiency, long life and versatility. They also produce next to no heat at all which makes them very applicable to hydroponics as they can be placed quite closely to plants and use very little power consumption. With plants requiring the color spectrum of blue and red, LED’s are perfect to accommodate for plants.
With the technology still being revolutionary to the industry, the price of LED lights is relatively high for the quality available. The price is often offset however with the amount you would save in energy consumption over the life span of your LED light.
Research is still being done to find an LED equivalent performance to an HID 1000 watt bulb for an affordable price.
From our research the best results we have seen have been from Sunshine Systems. The Growpanel 45 offered only uses 45 watts and is a great solution comparable to a 250 watt HPS lamp. They also feature the Grow Panel Pro which uses only 300 watts but is comparable to a 1500 watt HID. Contact Homegrown Hydroponics for information on how you can purchase today.

LED Grow Panel 45 Grow Panel Pro

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Before high intensity discharge light came along, indoor growers depended mainly on fluorescent lights for best results. They are inexpensive, reasonably energy efficient, and most emit a wide enough spectrum of light for plant growth. There is a wide range of fluorescent bulbs or "tubes" available, and are categorized by wattage, length, and colour of spectrum range. Indoor growers should look for the type specifically made for plants such as the vita-Lite* or Ultralume 5000*.
The fixtures for these lamps are usually complete with lamp holders, reflector, and built-in ballast. Since the introduction of H.I.D. lights, fluorescent now are mainly used for propagation and early vegetative growth. The 20 watt, 24 INCH, and 40 watt, 48 inch, are the most common. The more intense and energy efficient H.I.D.'s are now the choice for maturing high-light plants and vegetables indoors.
T5 Flourescent Lighting
High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) Grow Lights

Metal halide lights were created to provide a spectrum as close as possible to that of the natural sunlight. This coupled with their intensity and energy efficiency, makes them ideal for indoor gardening. The bulbs range in size from 100 watt to 1000 watt with 400 watt and 1000 watt most popular.
An abundance of blue light emitted by metal halide makes them the best light for propagation and vegetative growth, promoting short internodal length. High Pressure Sodium lights do not emit as broad a spectrum as Metal Halides lights, but have many advantages, especially when used in conjunction with halide. Sodiums last longer, and burn brighter, but are still more energy efficient.
More yellow/red colour in the spectrum and less blue promotes a higher flower-to-leaf ratio in flowering plants. H.P.S. lights are widely used in commercial greenhouses, where natural sunlight provides sufficient blue. A combination of the two lights provides the best balanced for indoor grow room, especially when used with a light mover. 430 Watt Son Agro H.P.S. bulbs which supply 30 extra watts than regular ones are now available. This extra light in the blue end of the spectrum is great news for indoor growers. If you are planning a "single lamp" grow room, you can still get the benefits of both halide and sodium light.

High pressure sodium and metal halide "conversion bulbs", specially made to operate with M.H. ballasts, and is available in 400 watt and 1000 watt models. The bulbs can easily be interchanged as needed, using the same ballast and fixture. The size of the light needed will depend on the size of the growing area and the type of plants you wish to grow.

1000 HPS Bulb

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MH Cool Bulb

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600 HPS Bulb

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1000 MH Neutral Buy Now: 1000 MH Neutral
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These are samples of bulbs available for purchase. Click here for the main lamp section for more selection.


All In One Lighting Kits

Now available online is the Sun System HPS 150watt lamp. Reflector, ballast and bulb all included. Has 16,000 lumens, and provides all the output and colour spectrum needed for successful indoor gardening. Perfect for the first time gardener to get everything they need to the experienced green thumb who wants to efficiently light their grow room or greenhouse.

Sun System HPS 150 Buy Now: Sun System HPS 150


Light Movers 

The most efficient way to use high intensity lights is to have them moving within the grow room.
Light Rail IIIThere are many advantages to this, and a number of different ways it can be done. Moving the lights will eliminate plants tendency to grow toward the light source and provide light to areas which otherwise may be shaded. Since the light is moving, it can pass quite close to the plants without burning the leaves.
Moving lights cover more area than stationary ones, reducing electricity costs and ensuring more even growth. More intensity also allows plants to be placed muchcloser together, greatly increasing yield and quality. The size and shape of your room will determine the type of light mover that will best suite your needs.
Lineal movers carry the light fixture slowly along a track and back again during the light cycle. Most are six feet long, support a single lamp, and are recommended when the growing area is long and narrow.
Circular movers are best when the length and width of the room are similar. They are designed to carry one, two, or three lights, in a 360 degree circle, ideally lighting a ten by ten foot area. This diameter can be reduced but rarely extended.
Two arm and three arm movers are most popular, with the latter supplying much more light per square foot. More intensity means plants can be placed much closer together, greatly increasing yields.
Advantages of using light movers:

  • more even growth over a larger area
  • lamps may be placed closer to crop
  • increase growth by 40%
  • stronger plant stems
  • counteract leaf shading
  • circular movers can move up to 3 lamps
  • 1 or 2 meter linear track support single lamps, extension kits are used for additional lamps
Light Mover
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Choosing the right ballast to match your grow lamp can not only optimize your plants growth but can save you money on power consumption. Make sure the volts match the power needed by your grow lamp. Also be sure to choose one that is covered under a good warranty. With mechanics like this you can’t be sure on some things so best to be well covered should a problem occur. As well, be sure that the ballast you choose can ignite either MH or HPS lamp, unless you choose to specialize in one and not the other. Choosing the right ballast can provide your lamp with up to three times the life span.
From our experience these are some of the top ballasts on the market.
Hydro Sun HPS 1000w ballast Buy Now: Hydro Sun HPS 1000w ballast Future Brite EB 400w ballast Buy Now: Future Brite EB 400w ballast


Adding the right reflector to your lamp can optimize the space your light covers while providing the best light efficiency for your plants. There are many different kinds of reflectors available; open M, winged, dish, air cooled etc. It is impossible to suggest one over the other as they all depend on the style that best suits your growing needs, which type of bulb you match with, and your budget.
When looking for the right reflector for you, remember that white or metal hammertone finish will best reflect the light. Then, match the size of reflector by the area you wish to reflect light into (if you only have a small grow area, you may not require a 1000w light and large reflector).
One of the most popular and best results for reflectors has been found from the Hydro Sun Horizontal large or small reflector.
Hydro Sun Reflectors Buy Now -Hydro Sun reflectors
Cool Tube Buy Now: Cool Tube - Air Cooled Reflector

If you are unsure which reflector would best suit you, contact the experts at homegrown hydroponics,